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About RC Fine Foods
High quality specialty products delivered directly from the manufacturer to the end user.

With many years in foodservice sales, strong ideals, and the vision to fill a much needed market gap, Rubin Cohen founded RC Fine Foods with his wife, Elaine, in 1972.

The Cohens saw a need for high quality specialty products delivered directly from the manufacturer to the end user. They created the solution, turning their family home into the headquarters for their dream and new operation. Rubin’s many years in foodservice sales proved to be instrumental in his ability to provide outstanding support for his products and serve as an invaluable asset and partner to his customers. Elaine’s steady management of the entire operation enabled RC to steadily grow and keep pace with sales. In 1976, RC moved out of the house to their first warehouse, and in 1982, they moved into their first manufacturing facility. As RC continued to grow, each of their children joined to truly make RC a family run business. In 1995, a 48,000+ square foot USDA-inspected manufacturing and distribution facility was built in Hillsborough, NJ which became the new headquarters of RC Fine Foods.

Still a family-run business, RC is now in its second generation of leadership with the Cohen’s children, Susan Goldman, Barbara Cohen, and Gary Cohen at the helm. RC is also certified by the State of New Jersey as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE). For more than 40 years, we have continually improved our ability to provide convenience and added value to our customers. We now ship products from coast to coast and are known for consistently supplying our customers with excellent quality at an affordable price. With our direct sales support and one-case minimum order, RC can service any commercial account from the smallest deli to the largest cafeteria, from the white tablecloth restaurant to the food manufacturer. Our family is proud of that.

Each one of us at RC Fine Foods would like to thank you for your interest in our brand and stand ready to serve you with the finest products and service in the industry.

Remember, at RC Fine Foods, we want to help you make it®.

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Chefs Bio
Anthony Todaro, CEC, HGT, ACE – Corporate Executive Chef at RC Fine Foods
Adjunct Professor Mercer Community College,
“The Experimental Kitchen” – a Culinology Class

My experience in food started when I was very young, contributing to our family meal and later in my family’s 2 Pizzeria Kitchens. From there I gained experience and confidence working in popular Cleveland Restaurants, most notably The Red Fox in Gates Mills and Stouffer’s Inn on the Square “French Connection” Restaurant in downtown Cleveland.

At 16 I knew I wanted to be a chef so I started my first formal culinary training, a vocational program during my junior year of high school. In December of 1977 I found out I was accepted at the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY, (this was in my senior year of high school).

The experience and education at the CIA has been invaluable throughout my career. It prepared me for the reality of a professional kitchen and the memories of my fellow groups members will be with me always.

I always thought, “How can I be in a business that allows me to see my customers more than once a week”? This is what led me to pursue a career in Retail Prepared Foods, a field that I excelled in for over 18 years. Which then led to Food Manufacturing, starting in 1996 with Andy Boy Associates. A “Value Added” fresh produce company where I later met the Cohen family who owns RC Fine Foods where I presently am the Corporate Executive Chef.